Kiko Matos tags controversial documentary with Baron Geisler as a "social experiment"

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The thing about Project Beastmode is that some people who thought it was for real felt they were duped. Kiko Matos defends his involvement in the project, "Hindi naman namin gustong magmukhang tanga ang mga tao. Isa siya sa mga projects na you do it out of passion. Alam naman namin ang mga consequence pero we try to do something that has never been done before."

Kiko Matos finally opened up about his controversial documentary with Baron Geisler.

As it happened, the bar fight between Kiko and Baron that went viral was actually staged for a docu titled Project Beastmode.

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Kiko declared during the December 6 presscon of the movie Kabisera that they already came out about Project Beastmode last month.

He said, "Okay lang naman po na maunahan kami, kasi naglabas kami ng issue sa [isang] magazine noong November.

"In-explain lahat pero hindi siya na-pick up ng media.

"Kasi nga, it's a magazine. Unlike sa Facebook, kumakalat."

Members of the press interviewed Kiko at the movie presscon that was held at the SALU restaurant in Quezon City.

How did it feel that the people who reacted to the so-called brawling incident were made to look like fools?

"Hindi naman namin gustong magmukhang tanga ang mga tao.

"First of all, it's a social experiment.

"When you do an experiment, you have to have unsuspecting victims, especially with a socially relevant issue," Kiko rationalized.

He further defended their motive, saying, "Mayroon kaming cause kung bakit namin ginawa yun.

"I'd like to [spare] you the details of what is the cause.

"But dun naka-explain sa pelikula namin kung bakit namin ginawa yun."

At the height of the controversy, the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) even offered the two actors a chance to settle their issue in a mixed martial arts match.

Kiko said about the June 25 event dubbed sa Bigwasan, "Lahat ng nangyari sa amin ni Baron, only the fight was real.

"Supposedly, Baron and I were thinking if we could choreograph the fight, pero we decided not to choreograph.

"Kung yung ibang tao, iniisip nila na hindi kami nagbasagan ng mukha, first of all, hindi naman kami fighters talaga.

"Lumaban kami hanggang sa nawalan kami ng hininga."

What prompted him to be part of the documentary Project Beastmode?

Kiko said, "It was an exciting experiment, isa siya sa mga projects na you do it out of passion.


"We wanted to do something that involves reality.

"As actors, we also want to step out of our comfort zone and do something that we've never done before.

"Alam naman namin ang mga consequence pero we try to do something that has never been done before."

ON BARON-PING INCIDENT. Baron has been in the news recently for urinating on his former Bubog co-star Ping Media.

Kiko clarified, "Yung nangyari kay Baron and Ping, hindi siya kasama sa Project Beastmode.

"Nagkataon lang po na nagkaroon ng issue, tapos yung Beastmode, naghugas-kamay sa ganyan.

"Actually, we are also just in time in promoting the movie this December.

"Nagkataon lang talaga na nagkasabay ang issue."

Kiko also said he is caught in the middle because of his ties with the two actors.

"Kaibigan ko si Baron at katrabaho ko si Ping... it's hard to take sides right now with each individual."





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