Gloria Diaz fires back at bashers angry about her pessimistic pageant forecast

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Addressing persistent bashers over her pessimistic pageant forecast, former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz jokingly recants: "Maxine is the one talaga who is going to win. O, okay na ba sila?"

Gloria Diaz became embroiled in controversy a few weeks back when she commented that Miss Universe 2016 hopeful Maxine Medina will have a "one-in-a-million" chance of taking home this year's crown.


Pageant watchers bashed the former beauty queen for her pessimistic forecast and also read her statement as a personal affront against Maxine.

In a subsequent interview, Gloria explained that no other country hosting the pageant, aside from the United States and its territories, has had its beauty queen crowned.

In other words, the home-court advantage is not an advantage in the end.

In a past interview with ABS-CBN News, the 1969 Miss Universe said, "E, di magwawala lahat ng candidates and also their countries, their ambassadors?

"And they would all think that we are unfair.

"Even if our candidate deserves it, it will be a shock. It will be a one-in-a-million chance…

"Tayong mga Filipinos, the last thing we should hope for is for our own candidate to win.”

This statement has been misunderstood by a lot of pageant fans.

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The first-ever Filipina Miss Universe once again clarified her controversial statement during her interview with DZMM yesterday, January 28, 2017.

She said, "I will be telling you a lie if I will say na I'm sure mananalo si Maxine.

"But of course, there can be an exception.

"There can be one exception, and I hope this is the exception.

"People don't understand that it's very rare or it has never happened."

The 65-year-old beauty titlist added, "Like I always say, everybody has a chance.

"But I think, out of everyone, Maxine will have the least."

She mentioned as well that she was aware that her bashers were growing, saying, "You cannot please everybody."


To date, netizens have been bashing the beauty queen for sounding "bitter."

She added, "Bakit ko pa kayo bobolahin? But people are misunderstanding that I don't like Maxine."

The beauty queen turned actress even compared the 26-year-old hopeful to her daughter Isabelle Daza.

She pointed out, "Don't forget that Maxine looks like Isabelle. I mean they are the same type: Filipina beauty, morena, and all that.

"She is beautiful at ang ganda pa ng gown niya.

"It looks so nice, her gown and make-up. But, do not forget that we are the host." 

In a message to her bashers, she laughingly recanted, "Sige na nga, I was just joking.

"Actually, Maxine is the one talaga who is going to win.

"O, okay na ba sila? Bakit? Si [President Rodrigo] Duterte nga nagbabago ang isip, e di ako rin." 

MISS UNIVERSE BET. In the same interview with DZMM, reporter MJ Felipe asked Gloria about her Miss Universe bet.

The actress remarked, "Every time you see them, iba ang hitsura nila.

"Every time you see them, ito pala ang gusto mo.

"So, it's quite confusing.

"Including yung... between the Asians, between the South Americans. Ang daming maganda."

She joked, "I think dalawa lang ang hindi masyadong maganda, di ba?"





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