PEP EXCLUSIVE. Ellen Adarna slams allegations that she and Baste Duterte were smoking weed in viral video

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Ellen Adarna on alleged use of weed on Instagram video with Baste Duterte: "I wouldn't post it online if it was weed. Hahaha. Sino bang tanga gagawa n'yan? Not unless ma-legalize na medicinal weed. Lol. Anak pa cya ni digong hajahajaj." 

Ellen Adarna firmly denied speculations that she and Sebastian “Baste” Duterte were smoking weed in the video that she posted on Instagram last January 24.

The video, which was reposted on a YouTube channel called LFMV last February 21, carried the title “ELLEN ADARNA AND BASTE DUTERTE: SABOG NA SABOG.”


This sparked mixed reactions from netizens speculating whether or not Ellen and Baste were “sabog na sabog” because of illegal drugs or just too much liquor.

At least one netizen alleged that Baste is using “cannabis oil” or “marijuana” on his vape or electronic cigarette.

At press time, the video already has almost 100,000 views on YouTube.

The same viral video was published on the blogsite called with a headline that read: Video of Duterte's son smoking a doobie surfaces.

According to, the use of cannabis—commonly known as marijuana or weed—causes an altered state of consciousness, wherein the user may show signs of increased pulse and heart rate, bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, and increased appetite.


Under Republic Act 9165 or the Act Instituting The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, cannabis or marijuana is included in the list of illegal drugs in the Philippines. 

ELLEN'S OFFICIAL STATEMENT. Ellen, however, slammed as “stupid” allegations linking her and the presidential son to illegal drugs.

In an exclusive exchange of Facebook messages with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) Multimedia Editor Rommel Llanes today, February 23, Ellen clarified that she and Baste were plain “drunk” in the video that she uploaded on her Instagram.

“I wouldn’t post it online if it was weed. Hahaha. Sino bang tanga gagawa n’yan?

“Not unless ma-legalize na medicinal weed. Lol.

“Anak pa cya ni digong hajahajaj,” said Ellen, referring to Baste’s father, President Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte, who is known for his war against illegal drugs.

The 28-year-old sexy actress further explained that Baste is using Philip Morris’s Iqos, a smokeless electronic cigarette made in Japan.

She elaborated, “They can say whatever they say. We were both drunk.

“Baste was smoking real cigarettes. It’s called IQOS from Japan. You can google it.”

Ellen also sent to PEP a sample photo of the electronic cigarette that Baste was seen using on her video. 



At any rate, Ellen laughed off the whole controversy and joked about who could have started it.

She wrote, “Hahahaah because i hate draaagss ajajajajahaha

“Baka si trillanes nag pa isyu nyan ahahaa Lol" 

ELLEN'S ORIGINAL INSTAGRAM VIDEO. For the record, Ellen posted on Instagram her video with Baste soon after she confirmed that they broke up but remained as very good friends. 

Ellen's caption read: “Dapat ganyan walang bitter. Move on ng masaya.

“Di na uso ang relationship goals! #exGoals na #throwback feelings malipayong 2017 and let go charooouoot.”

“Nasobraan tas ka free spirit @sebastianduterte hahahahhaha mura rag wai mahitabo diba (parang walang mangyayari di ba).

“Mao na kung manguyab mo dapat cool inyung uyabon. (Kaya Kung umibig dapat cool ang inibig mo.)

“Cool ra coolang pa coolookoy #kinsayvictim #victimsoflove diay ka huhhh ahahaha sigi unahay na kinsay magilog! (Sinong makikipag agawan!)”

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