Thou Reyes defends Daniel Padilla over shaking-of-cherry-blossom-tree issue

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Thou Reyes defends friend Daniel Padilla over cherry-blossom-tree-shaking issue. (Left) Daniel with rumored girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo taking a "selfie" in Japan.

Actor Thou Reyes got in a heated argument with a netizen after defending friend Daniel Padilla on Twitter.

The Teen King recently drew flak for allegedly shaking a cherry blossom tree in Japan, supposedly a major no-no in the country.

A YouTube video, showing a guy shaking a cherry blossom tree while taking a picture of a lady companion, became viral after it was uploaded last Friday, April 28.

According to the uploader, the guy on the video is Kapamilya actor Daniel Padilla.

Daniel, together with rumored girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo, recently went to Japan where he celebrated his 22nd birthday.

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Thou worked with Kathryn and Daniel in the teleserye Pangako Sa ‘Yo and the film Crazy Beautiful You, both shown in 2015.

He became close friend with the popular love team. 

FIRST TWEET. On his tweet last Saturday, April 29, Thou urged Daniel's critics to calm down.


He said: "Kumalma kayo.. Hindi naman namatay ung puno.. Hindi naman tinanggal sa pagkakatanim!

"Dami nyo nanamang oras mangpuna. Magtrabaho na Lang kyo"

Thou added: "Besh, environmental activist ka na agad?! Oh BUKAS isulong nyo Sa Brgy nyo ang tree planting everyday!"

The actor even posted a photo of himself while hanging from a tree. 

THOU RESPONDS TO A NETIZEN. A netizen, with a user name @deeprixers, replied to Thou and said that while it is okay to be a friend, one should not be “ignorant.”

The netizen also stressed that shaking a cherry blossom tree is a serious matter in Japan.  

Their exchange of tweets got more intense when Thou asked the netizen: "Nung gusto mo gawin natin?"

The netizen took offense to Thou’s response and replied: "No need to tolerate the obvious wrongdoing by mocking the people that provide you the truth about the situation. Shutting your trap will do"


Thou answered back: "I'm pretty aware of the situation and I think "people who provided the truth" should look in the mirror before speaking. Sit down."

He also argued: “My point is, what do you wanna happen next? Who says its fine? I said No damage was done, so let's move on with our lives.”

The netizen told Thou that he should not delve into the issue if he could not make the situation right and will only make him look like ignorant.

Thou’s final response to this: “this you should practice.Bye”




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