Alice Dixson breaks silence on Boracay photos, reported married status

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"But in the same sense, hindi ko naman ma-explain-explain. And I didn't feel that I need to explain my personal life in the whole world. But now that it has happened, alam niyo na," says Alice Dixson, who confirms that she's a resident of Boracay. It was her controversial Instagram photos showing a deserted Boracay that brought to light that she's the wife of unnamed top executive of a Boracay resort. 

For the first time, Alice Dixson confirmed that she has been a resident of Boracay for a year now.

This was two weeks after she drew flak for posting photos in Boracay amid the mandated six-month closure of the famous island getaway.

Speaking to (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the 49-year-old Alice said, “I don’t wanna answer the part about being married. I’ll answer the part about being in Boracay. 

“Yes, I’m a resident there. Yes, I was there on my birthday.

“Yes, I did post some pictures on my Instagram because natuwa lang ako because there was nobody on the beach when I was there.

"And I know na never yun mangyayari ulit sa buhay ko."

The news about netizens questioning Alice’s presence in Boracay unexpectedly brought to light that she is married to a “top executive” of Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay.

The official statement from Chroma Hospitality Inc, the management company of the Boracay resort, further read that both the unnamed hotel executive and Alice are considered “residents of the island with proper documentation.”


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Alice claimed, however, that she did not expect that taking photos and videos of the deserted Boracay island will result to netizens fielding her with negative comments.

“I never thought I would hear so much public outcry for that. Parang ang laki ng kasalanan ko.

“But in the same sense, hindi ko naman ma-explain-explain.”

Alluding to her married status being known to public, she added, “And I didn’t feel that I need to explain my personal life in the whole world.

“But now that it has happened, alam niyo na. Hahaha!” interviewed Alice at the media launch of ABS-CBN’s prime time series, Ngayon At Kailanman, held at ABS-CBN’s Dolphy Theater in Quezon City, Monday afternoon, August 13.


While Alice was still evasive about her reported married status, she was open about sharing her observation about the ongoing rehabilitation of Boracay.  


“Ang pinakamagandang nakita ko sa Boracay, gusto ko po i-share sa inyo, tinanggal na po yung obstruction sa beach.

“Yung mga walang pemit na you’re supposed to have a certain amount of feet na setback from the beach, ngayon tinanggal na yung mga obstruction.

“Mas maa-appreciate mo na nasa beach ka talaga pagbalik natin doon.”

If all goes as planned, Alice said that the government-led rehabilitation project may be completed in time for the target reopening of Boracay on October 26.

Talking about other improvements in the island, Alice elaborated, “Hindi ko pinakita yung road widening na ginagawa. Sinadya ko yun kasi ayokong pintasan.

“When people have a little bit of information na negative, they blow it up. And a lot of things [compared to showbiz] even worse pala ang politics.

“Binabato sa gobyerno yung mga negative na balita right away.

"They always play the blame game, and I don’t want that to happen because everybody is working very hard na mag-open na ang Boracay end of October.”



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