PEP YEARENDER 2018: Television stars who switched networks

IMAGE Noel Orsal (Regine and Beauty) / Megaworld (Derek)

(L-R) Regine Velasquez, Derek Ramsay, and Beauty Gonzalez are three of the celebrities who made big career moves in 2018 when they decided to switch networks.

Every year, the television industry deals with celebrities jumping from one network to another.

This 2018 is no exception.

Some of these celebrities are first-timers in their new network, while others decided to return after years of doing projects with rival stations.

There were also some who tried switching networks, but ended up remaining with their original mother station.

Some have also left their former mother networks, but have yet to reveal their new station.

As (Philippine Entertainment Portal) looks back on the showbiz events that happened in the year 2018, check out this list of talents who decided to look for other opportunities in rival networks.

Take note that this list includes those who signed exclusive contracts, and freelance actors who have not worked with ABS-CBN or GMA-7 for a year or longer.

This report does not include those talents who intermittently appear in shows of both networks.


It all started as a rumor in September 2018 that Regine Velasquez-Alcasid will leave GMA-7 after 20 years, to join her husband Ogie Alcasid, in ABS-CBN.

On October 12, 2018, Regine said her goodbyes to the Kapuso network via her daytime talk show, Sarap Diva. This was followed by a statement released by the network, indicating that they understand Regine's decision.

On October 17, 2018, Regine formally signed a two-year contract with ABS-CBN. Her shows include ASAP Natin 'To (the reformatted version of ASAP), a sitcom with Ogie Alcasid, and Idol Philippines, where she will serve as a judge.

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid: From Kapuso to Kapamilya in 2018
 IMAGE Noel Orsal


Derek Ramsay's contract with TV5 ended last April 2018, allowing him to explore other venues for his talent.

This includes the movie, Kasal, which was produced by Star Cinema, the film arm of his former mother network, ABS-CBN. The movie, which also featured Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino, was shown in May 2018.

A few months later, in October 2018, reports said that Derek is eyeing GMA-7 as his new home network. He also revealed in an interview that he already had talks with the Kapuso network's executives.

According to Derek, in his last interview with, he is set to sign a contract with a TV network before 2018 ends. However, he did not reveal which network he will be inking a deal with.

Meanwhile, the latest PEP Alerts report indicated that, according to a reliable source, Derek will be signing a contract with GMA-7 during the second week of January 2019.

Derek Ramsay: From Kapatid to Kapuso?
 IMAGE Megaworld


In May 2018, got a feed from a source that Kapamilya actress Beauty Gonzalez was spotted at GMA-7, where she had a meeting with an executive.

After a month, in June 2018, Beauty had a guest appearance in the Kapuso game show, Celebrity Bluff. She was even introduced as the newest Kapuso during her appearance.

In August 2018, two months after her Kapuso guesting, Beauty surprised televiewers when she starred in an episode of ABS-CBN's drama anthology, Maalaala Mo Kaya.

In the same month, she signed an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN. Despite being a Kapamilya for 10 years, it was the first time for her to sign an exclusive contract.

Beauty is currently doing the afternoon series, Kadenang Ginto.

Beauty Gonzalez: From Kapamilya to Kapuso to Kapamilya in 2018
 IMAGE Noel Orsal


In April 2018, StarStruck 2 Ultimate Female Survivor Ryza Cenon inked a deal with ABS-CBN.

This confirmed the speculation that Ryza will transfer to the Kapamilya network after she signed a managerial contract with VIVA Artists Agency in June 2017.


The network transfer happened one month after Ryza's phenomenal series, Ika-6 Na Utos, aired its last episode in March 2018.

Ryza's first announced project with the Kapamilya network was a kontrabida role in The General's Daughter, starring Angel Locsin.

Ahead of The General's Daughter's airing in 2019, Ryza currently appears in the prime-time series, FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.

Ryza Cenon: From Kapuso to Kapamilya in 2018
 IMAGE @ericjohnsalut on Instagram


On April 17, 2018, two years after the expiration of her contract with TV5, Jasmine Curtis-Smith signed an exclusive contract with GMA-7.

The contract signing also happened four months after she appeared in ABS-CBN as guest in some of its TV shows in December 2017.

Jasmine's first project with GMA-7 was the prime-time series, Pamilya Roces, which ran for 10 weeks.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith: From Kapatid to Kapuso in 2018
 IMAGE Noel Orsal


A blind item from PEP Troika, published in June 2018, indicated that Judy Ann Santos's leading man in Starla is an actor from the Kapuso network.

On July 17, 2018, it was revealed that Raymart Santiago has transferred to ABS-CBN and would be Judy Ann's leading man.

This was after Dreamscape Entertainment Head, Deo Endrinal, answered a netizen's question about Judy Ann's leading man in the show.

Starla is Raymart's first ever drama series with the Kapamilya network after 19 years of being a Kapuso.

Raymart Santiago: From Kapuso to Kapamilya
 IMAGE @montie08 on Instagram


Kiko Estrada surprised everyone when he attended the story conference of ABS-CBN's upcoming teleserye, Project Kapalaran, in November 2018.

Kiko's last project with GMA-7 was a special participation in the afternoon series, Ika-5 Utos, while his last regular series was the daytime drama, My Guitar Princess.

According to Kiko in his latest interview with, GMA-7 offered him a teleserye, but he declined the offer.


However, according to a PEP Alerts' PEP Troika column, Kiko's transfer to ABS-CBN won't happen anymore.

The report said that it is still unclear if GMA-7 had a better offer for him, or Kiko was not allowed to move because of his contract.

Kiko and his manager, Arnold L. Vegafria, have yet to speak about the issue.

Kiko Estrada: From Kapuso to Kapamilya?
 IMAGE Mark Atienza



On June 14, 2018, Rayver formally parted ways with Star Magic, ABS-CBN's talent arm.

This sparked speculations that he might be transferring to GMA-7. Even then, Rayver finished his stint in the prime-time series, Bagani.

In September 2018, a month after Bagani's end, Rayver formally signed a contract with GMA-7.

He is currently part of two shows: Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko and Studio 7.

Rayver Cruz: From Kapamilya to Kapuso in 2018
 IMAGE Noel Orsal



After five years with ABS-CBN, Sunshine Cruz did a teleserye with GMA-7 for the first time.

This was in April 2018, when she accepted the lead role in the then-upcoming drama series, Karibal Ko Ang Aking Ina.

She said that the role, which is a barrio lass-turned-successful fashion designer, convinced her to move to the Kapuso network.

Originally slated to air in the afternoon slot, the show was eventually re-titled to Kapag Nahati Ang Puso, and aired in GMA-7's daytime slot from July to November 2018.

Sunshine Cruz: From Kapamilya to Kapuso in 2018
 IMAGE Arniel Serato


In October 2018, Keempee de Leon attended the story conference of ABS-CBN's upcoming drama series, Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit.

This is Keempee's comeback teleserye with the Kapamilya network, after being with GMA-7 for almost 16 years.

Keempee also appeared in ABS-CBN's "Family is Love" Christmas Station ID.

Keempee de Leon: From Kapuso to Kapamilya in 2018
 IMAGE RSB Drama Unit on Facebook



Prior to signing a contract with GMA-7, Kiray Celis first attended the story conference of the network's upcoming series, Luv U 2, starring Jennylyn Mercado and Gabby Concepcion.

This confirmed previous reports that Kiray was leaving ABS-CBN after 19 years.

On December 20, 2018, Kiray became an official Kapuso when she signed a management contract with the network's talent arm, GMA Artist Center.

Kiray Celis: From Kapamilya to Kapuso in 2018
 IMAGE @kapusoprgirl on Instagram


In March 2018, John Estrada's character was killed in ABS-CBN's prime-time series, The Good Son.

At the time of his character's death, he was involved in a controversy with his co-star Mylene Dizon, which was never confirmed.

After his departure from The Good Son, however, reports circulated that John will transfer to GMA-7. His first project would be Alden Richards's then-upcoming series, Mitho (which later changed its title to Victor Magtanggol.)

This was later confirmed by GMA Vice President for Corporate Communications, Angel Javier-Cruz.


In May 2018, John signed a program contract with the Kapuso network.

At press time, John is taping a new prime-time series titled Kara Mia, starring Barbie Forteza and Mika dela Cruz.

John Estrada: from Kapamilya to Kapuso


Former Pinoy Big Brother: All In housemate Manolo Pedrosa signed a management contract with GMA Artist Center in July 2018.

This also served as his showbiz comeback, after taking a break from TV for three years.

His last TV projects with ABS-CBN were the teleseyes, Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita and Oh My G!, both aired in 2015.

Manolo's first project in GMA-7 was the prime-time series, Pamilya Roces, which aired from October to December 2018.

Manolo Pedrosa: From Kapamilya to Kapuso
 IMAGE Noel Orsal



In March 2018, Star Magic talent Devon Seron surprised everyone when she suddenly appeared in an episode of GMA-7's teleserye, The One That Got Away.

It did not take long before she signed a contract with GMA-7 and GMA Artist Center in the same month.

At present, she is part of the afternoon series, Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko, starring Kris Bernal, Thea Tolentino, and former Kapamilya Rayver Cruz.

Devon Seron: From Kapamilya to Kapuso in 2018
 IMAGE Noel Orsal


Former StarStruck Kids finalist Paul Salas returned to GMA-7 in May 2018, nine years after his stay with ABS-CBN.

He also signed a managerial contract with GMA-7's talent arm, GMA Artist Center.

At present, Paul is part of the upcoming prime-time series, Kara Mia, starring Barbie Forteza and Mika dela Cruz.

Paul Salas: From Kapamilya to Kapuso in 2018
 IMAGE Courtesy: @paulandre.salas on Instagram



Kelley Day, a former member of It's Showtime's GirlTrends, transferred to GMA-7 in early 2018.

Her first appearance happened in the prime-time series, The One That Got Away, as Migo Adecer's love interest.

She later signed a contract with GMA Artist Center in March 2018.

She is currently part of the anime series, Barangay 143, as a voice talent together with Migo, Julie Anne San Jose, and Ruru Madrid.


Kelley Day: From Kapamilya to Kapuso in 2018
 IMAGE Noel Orsal


Veteran actor Raymond Bagatsing has returned to GMA-7 after five years of doing projects for TV5 and ABS-CBN.

He will be part of the upcoming prime-time series, TODA One I Love.

His last project with GMA-7 was the 2014 drama series, Carmela, starring Marian Rivera.

Raymond's last teleserye was the ABS-CBN afternoon series, Precious Hearts Romances: Araw Gabi, which aired its last episode on October 2018.

Raymond Bagatsing: From Kapamilya to Kapuso
 IMAGE Instagram



Teresa Loyzaga and Lilet, who both resumed their acting careers with ABS-CBN after leaving show business, both transferred to GMA-7 via the afternoon series, My Special Tatay. The show premiered in September 2018.

Teresa's last teleserye with ABS-CBN was the afternoon show, Hanggang Saan, which ran from November 2017 to April 2018.

Lilet's last TV program with the Kapamilya network was an installment of Wansapanataym, which ran from February to May 2018.

Both actresses used to work with GMA-7 before they took a hiatus from showbiz.

Teresa Loyzaga and Lilet: From Kapamilya to Kapuso in 2018
 IMAGE @kapusoprgirl on Instagram


After nine years, Bing Loyzaga returned to doing teleseryes with GMA-7.

This was after she attended the April 2018 story conference of Karibal Ko Ang Aking Ina, which later aired in July 2018 with the title, Kapag Nahati Ang Puso.

Her last project with the Kapuso network was the 2009 series, Paano Ba Ang Mangarap?


Bing was part of ABS-CBN's Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin before doing a project with GMA-7.

Bing Loyzaga: From Kapamilya to Kapuso in 2018
 IMAGE Noel Orsal



Adrian Alandy, formerly known as Luis Alandy, returned to GMA-7 after two years of being with ABS-CBN.

He attended the story conference of the TV series, Onanay, in March 2018. His role was not detailed in reports.

When teasers started airing, it was revealed that he was the love interest of the show's lead star, Jo Berry.

However, when the show aired in August 2018, Adrian's character was killed off in the show's second episode, as part of Onanay's story.

A few weeks later, as reported by on August 27, Adrian attended the story conference of ABS-CBN's drama series, Kadenang Ginto.

The show currently airs on ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold block.

From Kapamilya to Kapuso to Kapamilya in 2018
 IMAGE @adrian_alandy on Instagram


It took nine years before Ryan Eigenmann could do a series with ABS-CBN again—after doing a string of projects with GMA-7—and eventually ink an exclusive contract.

In March 2018, Ryan's contract with GMA-7 expired, and according to him, the network decided not to renew it anymore.

This is the reason why he returned to freelancing, and had the prime-time series Bagani as his comeback project with the Kapamilya network.

Ryan currently appears in the prime-time series FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.

Ryan Eigenmann: From Kapuso to Kapamilya in 2018
 IMAGE Noel Orsal



Miko Manguba, a member of GMA-7's boyband Top One Project (T.O.P.), inked a recording deal with ABS-CBN's Star Music on December 13, 2018.

Miko was one of the winners of the 2015 GMA-7 reality competition To The Top, along with Mico Cruz, Joshua Jacobe, Louie Pedroso, and Adrian Pascual.

Now that he is with Star Music, Miko uses his new screen name, JMKO.

Miko Manguba: From Kapuso to Kapamilya
 IMAGE @jmko_music on Instagram

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