Pietro Boselli heats up social media with naked beach photos

IMAGE File / @pietroboselli on Instagram

Pietro Boselli, aka the "World's Hottest Math Teacher," wants you to know in the hottest way possible that he is back in the Philippines.

If you think summer couldn't get any hotter, then you haven't seen Pietro Boselli's latest social media posts.

Pietro, aka the "World's Hottest Math Teacher," is back in the Philippines, and he sure knows how to grab our attention.

The Italian engineer, who was tapped by a local fashon brand to be one of its international endorsers back in 2017, graced our local shores with his Adonis-like physique.

He left nothing to the imagination as he appeared to be buck-naked, and only had a seashell to cover up his private parts.

Definitely NSFW content right here.


Pietro first caught the Internet's attention in 2015 when a photo of him teaching went viral.

Throughout his life, he has balanced his academic life and modeling career.

Pietro, who has a PhD in engineering, wants to break the stereotype that models cannot be degree holders as well.

He once told the local press in 2017, "Now people still have a problem addressing me as a doctor, like I go to a bank and they see on the envelope Dr. Boselli, [they're like], 'Sir, I think there's a typo. You mean Mr. Boselli right?'

"But it's funny, I think that wouldn't necessarily happen if, you know, I look like an old professor with glasses...

"Only by growing up and maturing, you learn how to embrace every aspect of your life and really see that that is amazing."


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