How Solenn Heussaff keeps house without help

Kapuso actress Solenn Heussaff enjoys her job and likes doing things around the house. "Parang nasanay ako na ayoko ng may tao sa bahay. Pag nagising ako, I wanna do my own thing," she says.

Despite her hectic work schedule, Solenn Heussaff is firm in her resolve not to hire a household help.

Notwithstanding also that she and her husband, Argentinian businessman Nico Bolzico, had just moved into a bigger home last July.

The 33-year-old Kapuso actress said she has gotten used to juggling household chores and showbiz commitments.

"Yung lifestyle ko hindi masyadong nagbago, because I still like being alone at home. So di din ako nag-hire ng helper or anything," she said.

Asked how she is settling in their new home, the actress replied, "Okay naman. Siyempre mas maraming space now, so animals, may aso na ako na naging baby ko din."

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Apart from the dog, Solenn and Nico also have a cat and a tortoise.

At the time of this interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) yesterday, September 25, she shared that she got home from taping around 5 a.m.

She only had a couple of hours of sleep before she got up to feed her pets and leave for another round of taping for her lifestyle show Taste Buddies, where we interviewed her.

Taste Buddies airs on GMA News TV.


As a homemaker, Solenn single-handedly does everything.

"I still do my groceries, I pay my bills, I cook, anything, I shower my pets," she said.

"May help three times a week to come and do the dirty work, like cleaning of the toilet and shower and vacuum, ganon, but ako lang, no in-house [helper]."

Solenn then explained why she prefers not to have a maid or helper.

"Feeling ko dahil umalis ako ng bahay 18 years old, nag-college ako ng Paris na wala akong helper.

"I was really cleaning, doing everything. I’m doing my own clothes and everything.


"Parang nasanay ako na ayoko ng may tao sa bahay. Pag nagising ako, I wanna do my own thing, even if they don’t get in my way, pag alam ko lang ako nasa bahay mas trip ko.”

As a matter of fact, Solenn revealed she was very hands-on in attending to the nitty-gritty of moving into a new home.

Everything, she said, "from disconnecting everything from my apartment to hiring the contractors to doing site visits every week to going to furniture stores left and right, measuring—ako talaga ang naggawa ng lahat from scratch.

"I didn’t even hire an interior decorator and anything."

It was a satisfying feeling, she said.

"When I’m there parang napi-feel ko na work ko ito.

"Not only work to buy a house, but work to, like, yung loob, yung decoration, yung feel na it’s really me talaga."

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She continued that she preferred not to have Nico around to help because, “Si Nico lalaki, baka yung decoration niya, pangit. And I’m the artist.

"Siya simple lang, di niya alam ang mga detalye,” she said with a naughty smile.


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