Edward Barber wants to rebuild his family home in La Union


Edward Barber wants to give back to his lolas and titas the best way he can: "My God, they're like fangirls but in a family way. I owe it to them."

Edward Barber never forgets the people who have helped him in his showbiz journey.

That is why one of things Edward hopes to achieve with his hard-earned money is to rebuild the home of his close relatives in La Union.

"I want to help rebuild my family’s house in La Union, because every time there’s a flood or a storm, it is always flooded," the young actor told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) back in January.

"I want to help make sure that years after I'm done with showbiz, it's still standing strong.

"Family is always going to be there for you, regardless if you're a celebrity or not.

"If you have money or not, they are still going to have your back.

"They were the ones there for me."

Edward fondly looked back to the time before he joined Pinoy Big Brother in 2016.

He continued, "They were my fans before I entered PBB.


"Even when I was back in Germany, all my lolas and titas there, my god, they're like fangirls but in a family way.

"I owe it to them. They gave me so much love when I only saw them once a year."

As much as he has always wanted to, his showbiz commitments have made it difficult for him to see his family in La Union more offen.

But last Christmas, the 18-year-old star managed to visit.

Edward said, "I was there for one day. Then the day after, I went to the block screening for Fantastika.

"They are very supportive, they really take care of me."

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