Liz Uy files P11-M online libel, grave slander complaints against Fashion Pulis blogger

Liz Uy's (middle) legal counsel Atty. Lorna Kapunan (right) on online libel complaint against Michael Lim: “And I think Michael, who appears to be a professor in Marketing, should know that you destroy a brand, you destroy an image, you destroy a reputation by maliciously attributing false allegations.”

Celebrity stylist and Preview contributing editor Liz Uy has filed six counts of online libel with grave slander complaints against Fashion Pulis blogger Michael Sy Lim.

This is in relation to Lim's blog and social media posts calling out Liz for allegedly making Maine Mendoza wear a "recyled gown" and "same jacket" at Eat Bulaga's "Tamang Panahon" benefit concert and Preview cover shoot, respectively.

Liz submitted her sworn affidavit to Prosecutor Benjamin Vermug Jr. at Makati City Prosecutor's Office this Monday, November 9.

"I"m fighting for my right.

"Also, kasi pinangalanan niya ako, tapos hindi niya chineck kung yung facts niya right.

"Alam ko naman na trabaho niya yun, pero trabaho rin niya na i-check muna yung information.

"Mag-fact check muna siya," said Liz in an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other reporters after filing her complaints against Lim.

Aside from Atty. Kapunan, Liz was also accompanied by Isabelle Daza and Isha Andaya-Vallés who are the stylist's witnesses against Lim.

ONLINE LIBEL COMPLAINT. Atty. Kapunan maintained that Lim's posts about the celebrity stylist on his blog site and social media accounts are "not true" and "malicious."

Atty. Kapunan said, “The gist of the complaint for libel is damage to one’s reputation…

“Liz, like any other human being, she may be a famous fashion icon, but at the end of the day, what is valuable is a person’s reputation.

“And I think, Michael, who appears to be a professor in Marketing, should know that you destroy a brand, you destroy an image, you destroy a reputation by maliciously attributing false allegations.”


Atty. Kapunan further cited six statements of Lim on his blog site and Twitter account, where he allegedly destroyed Liz’s reputation as a celebrity stylist:

“Statement posted on 27 October 2015 on Twitter account @FashionPulis saying ‘Insta Scoop: Liz Uy Makes Maine Mendoza Wear Same Jacket She Wore Weeks Ago in Preview Photoshoot.'

“Statement posted also on 27 October 2015 on Twitter account @FashionPulis saying ‘Dear @lizzzuy, stop letting @mainedcm wear hand me downs. She deserves THE BEST!’

“Statement posted on 29 October 2015 on the blogsite Fashion Pulis stating ‘Insta Scoop: Liz Uy Makes Maine Wear Same Jacket She Wore Weeks Ago in Preview Photoshoot.’

“Statement posted on 24 October 2015 on Twitter account @FashionPulis saying ‘It bothers me that Maine’s stylist (liz uy?) made her wear a recycled gown on such a historical TV event.’

“Statement posted on 29 October 2015 on the blogsite Fashion Pulis stating ‘Stylist Makes Maine Mendoza Wear Recycled Gown on Historical TV Event.’

“Statement posted on 29 October 2015 on the blogsite Fashion Pulis stating ‘Insta Scoop: Francis Libiran Says Maine Mendoza’s Gown is from His Spring/Summer 2015 Collection but 2013 Picture of Kim Chiu Disputes Claim.’”

MAINE’S CINDERELLA GOWN. For the record, Atty. Kapunan reiterated that there is no truth to Lim’s allegation that Liz made Maine (a.k.a. Yaya Dub) wore a “recycled” gown during Eat Bulaga’s "Tamang Panahon" concert, held at the Philippine Arena last October 24.

Atty. Kapunan explained, “Contrary to the defamatory posts of Mr. Lim, the pink gown of Maine during the Tamang Panahon event was not a ‘reycled gown.’


“It was created by Francis Libiran and was never sold to anyone and used to any event.

“It is common in the fashion industry for designers to present their upcoming creations in fashion shows.

“Francis Libiran showcased said gown along with his other creations in a fashion show and his model for said gown was Kim Chiu.

“Kim Chiu did not buy the gown nor did she use it for any event. Kim never became the owner of the gown.

“The accusation that Ms. Uy let Maine use a hand-me-down or recycled gown from Kim is a complete lie.”

It can be recalled that the issue about Maine’s Cinderella-inspired gown stemmed from Lim’s blog post, showing a photo collage of the Eat Bulaga! star and Kim wearing the same gown.

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But Liz and Francis previously released official statements, saying that there was no truth to such allegations.

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MAINE’S DESIGNER JACKET ON PREVIEW. At the same time, Atty. Kapunan clarified that there is no truth to Lim’s allegation that Liz made Maine wear the same designer jacket for Preview’s November 2015 cover shoot.

“The truth is that Ms. Uy was not engaged as the fashion stylist of Maine for that specific shoot photoshoot of Preview held on 30 September 2015, and she was never involved in any way with said photoshoot.


“Ms. Uy was not present at said photoshoot because she was at the People Asia event in Mariott Hotel accepting an award as one of the Women of Style and Substance.

“It was therefore impossible for Ms. Uy to have made Maine wear the Gucci jacket.”

It can be recalled that Preview has previously released an official statement, saying that Maine was first to wear the designer jacket that she used for the magazine’s cover shoot last September 30.

Liz, on the other hand, posted an October 1 Instagram photo where she was seen wearing a similar red and black designer jacket.

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With regard to the alleged same jacket issue, Atty. Kapunan explained that Liz received her designer jacket from Store Specialists Inc. where the latter was tapped as a social media influencer.

Liz's legal counsel further explained, “It was part of such engagement to wear and then post a photo of her wearing said jacket.

“Ms. Uy was not aware that Maine wore the same Gucci jacket during the photoshoot for Preview.

“The Gucci jacket was actually a press sample and was not a single exclusive item and there are actually many photos of endorsers and influencers wearing the similar jacket.

“The fact is that Maine’s photoshoot was even earlier than when Ms. Uy got the Gucci jacket.

"The editor of Preview Magazine, Ms. Isha Andaya-Balles, attested to these facts.”

Atty. Kapunan added that her client is seeking 11-million-pesos worth of damages from Lim.


MICHAEL LIM'S OFFICIAL STATEMENT. Lim, on the other hand, maintained that he has no intention to malign Liz with his blog post about Maine's "recyled" gown during the "Tamang Panahon" benefit concert.

In an official statement posted on Fashion Pulis's Instagram account today, Lim said that he's considering filing counter-charges against Liz for "malicious prosecution" and "supression" of his freedom to expression.

Michael stated, in response to Liz's legal complaints against him: "It is sad that a public figure such as Liz Uy decides to file a case against me.

"Her feelings of being wronged by my post was based on a common truthful observation about her body of work relative to Maine Mendoza of AlDub which many people other than me also pointed out.

"Is it a crime for ordinary people, bloggers, showbiz writers, and journalists to point out valid observations about those in the public eye?

"Other writers, journalists and I should not be cowered by the filing of cases just to suprress the freedom to express and of the press.

"I will fight this case with courage because I have no malicious intent.

"My lawyer is also studying the filing of counter charges for malicious prosecution and damages for this suppression of our freedom of the press and expression."

PEP is open to any official statement from both Liz and Lim’s respective camps regarding this matter.





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