Quark Henares surprised by positive effect of his FB status about "horrible working hours" in TV prod

Quark Henares on the effect of his Facebook post about "horrible working hours" in TV production: "It's happening faster than everyone thought it would."

Director Quark Henares is surprised that his Facebook status about the extreme working condition in TV production somehow made a positive effect to the entertainment industry.

On the said Facebook post, Quark blamed the “horrible working hours” in TV production that may had led to the deaths of TV and film directors Wenn Deramas and Francis Pasion.

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“Honestly, that was a Facebook status, hindi siya parang 'makibaka.' But that has always been a concern,” the director said in an interview at the press conference of his upcoming movie My Candidate, this Thursday, April 14.

Quark added, “When I started working on TV, you know, number one is always the quality of work.

“People always complain about the quality of television.

“You know, I don't care if you're Jeffrey Jeturian or Joel Lamangan.

“If you're working 28 hours and you have to come up with 60 sequences a day, of course, magsa-suffer talaga yung quality.”

Because of this, Quark said, “I noticed that a lot of people are getting sick.

“It was before [the death of] Direk Francis Pasion and Direk Wenn Deramas.

“It wasn't just directors, but also the setmen, stuntmen, art department... parang naging wake-up call.

“Hindi naman ako nag-aano, but I think a lot of that consciousness came out at that time.”

Aside from Quark, many artists from the entertainment industry have expressed their opinion about this alarming situation.

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On the other hand, the networks began to implement changes in TV productions, specifically for their teleseryes.

“Yeah. It's happening faster than everyone thought it would,” Quark commented.

In addition to this, the Department of Labor and Employment has issued a proposal limiting the working hours to 14 hours.

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Quark said, “Fourteen hours or eight hours, they're still kind of deciding. But 14 hours is still better than 28 hours.”

Like his fellow directors, Quark revealed that he's following a shorter working hours for his movie My Candidate, which stars Derek Ramsay, Shaina Magdayao, and Iza Calzado.

“Yes, except for this morning, because it's the last day. That's 22 hours.

“But normally, we would end before 2 A.M.

“But, you know, we have to walk the talk, right? Parang change begins at home,” he said.





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