Director Arlyn dela Cruz unperturbed by PAMI ban: "I will continue to do films."

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Director Arlyn dela Cruz on PAMI members' decision to ban her from working with their talents: "I am confident that other actors will work with me."

Indie film director Arlyn dela Cruz remains thankful despite the decision of Professional Artist Managers, Inc. (PAMI) to inhibit its talents from accepting any projects involving her.

In an official statement she posted on Facebook earlier today, December 5, the female director said, “Blessed beyond words, I will continue to do films.

“I am confident that other actors will work with me.”

After receiving a formal complaint from Ping Medina against Baron Geisler over the unexpected pissing scene in the indie film Bubog, where Arlyn is the director, the members of PAMI decided to ban Baron from working with their artists.

On the other hand, Baron's manager, Arnold Vegafria, filed a separate complaint to PAMI about Direk Arlyn's inability to exercise control on the set of her film.

PAMI also decided to inhibit its artists from working with Arlyn.

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THANKFUL TO PING AND OTHER ACTORS. Despite PAMI'S decision, it seemed that there are still actors who are willing to work with Direk Arlyn.

Ping, who will not be able to finish Bubog because of the trauma he experienced during the shoot, will be replaced by his younger brother, Karl Medina.

Direk Arlyn wrote on her Facebook account, “We finished the reshoot of the opening scene last night. The vision for that scene was achieved.”

She was referring to the scene that involved Baron and Ping.

Direk Arlyn mentioned the numerous actors who are part of Bubog.

“I also want to thank Ms. Jackielou Blanco, Julio Diaz, Allan Paule, and Juan Rodrigo for coming to the set in spite of the sweeping statement made against me, which was made by the way without anyone of them conducting an investigation or at least taking an initiative to ask me or my entire production team who were there that night.”


She added, “Prior to the traumatic night, scenes with Ms. Elizabeth Oropesa, Janice Jurado, Kristoffer King, Jak Roberto, Chanel La Torre, Kiko Matos, Mengie Cobarrubias, Lehner Mendoza, Neil Carandang, Bobby Tamayo, Jeff Fernandez and Star Orjaleza were finished.”

Direk Arlyn also said that despite PAMI's decision, there are other talent managers who promised to allow their talents to work with her in future projects.

“I also would like to thank a number of talent managers who have assured me they will continue to trust me with their talents, I will not mention their names.

“Thank you, thank you, as well as to two other veteran actors who sent word, they want to work with me in my next projects. I am truly grateful.”

She ended her official statement with this: “That was not a storm. A strong wind just passed by.

“BUBOG is a film that is based on the war on drugs. We are in the middle of that war and it's far from over.”

BARON AND PING. Hours after the release of PAMI's decision to ban Baron, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other reporters were able to interview the controversial actor.

He apologized to Ping, Arlyn, and the members of PAMI.

Baron also acknowledged that there was a misunderstanding between him, his co-star, and his director.

He added, “Lahat po kami, sa mga part namin, siguro po naging unprofessional po ang lahat ng mga tao dun, lalo na ako.”

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On the other hand, Ping found PAMI's decision to inhibit its talents from working with Direk Arlyn “unfair.”

He asked the members of PAMI to reconsider its decision.

Ping explained, “It was obviously not her fault.

"It could've been prevented by all of us, including me. If we took all and evey precaution.


“We didn't know what he was capable of doing until now.”

On the other hand, Ping wants the ban on Baron to be industry-wide.

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