2008's 100 Most Read PeP Breaking News


Kapuso star Marian Rivera (main photo) dominates "PEP's list of Most Read Breaking News"—the news items about her reign as FHM's sexiest Pinay, her "flare-up" video, her breakup with cager-model Ervic Vijandre, supposed involvement in the breakup of Dingdong and Karylle, reported off-cam sweetness with her screen partner, the "buntis" issue, even her fractured toe. She's a controversy magnet, and people just

Kapuso princess Marian Rivera is the most in-demand topic this year, while Gretchen Barretto remains a fascinating subject for the readers. According to the data generated by PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) from Google Analytics, any story about these two women could launch thousands of page views.

Even the most trivial stuff about the Dyesebel star, such as her fractured toe, was deemed a worthy read by the PEPsters. On the other hand, La Greta's saga about her highly publicized yet unconfirmed affair with government official Dody Puno was closely chased by showbiz aficionados.

Rifts, breakups, deaths, network-transfer issues, and oddities prove to be staples in the readers' "Things to View" list.

The controversial tiffs of Claudine Barretto and Angel Locsin, Cristy and Nadia Montenegro, Sunshine Cruz and her sister-in-law Maria Mercedes "Ched" Manhilot-Cantu, and the "almost-physical" encounter between Richard Gutierrez and Aljur Abrenica, Bubble Paraiso and Jewel Mische, and two socialites Patricia Panlilio-Cu-unjieng and Neny Montinola attracted a lot of readers to the site.

Indeed, Pinoys love anything that has an element of drama. Even Kris Aquino's "pa-star ka" comment on Charlene Gonzalez made it to the "Hot" issue list.

Meanwhile, readers don't want to be left out when it comes to the main reason of showbiz splits: Did Marian figure in the breakup of Karylle and Dingdong? Why did Heart Evangelista suddenly call it quits with Jericho Rosales? What prompted Dennis Trillo to end his relationship with Cristine Reyes? Why did Sheryl Cruz and Norman Bustos file for divorce? And so, readers log on to the site.


Now, that's just the gist of the entire picture.

PEP painstakingly compared the numbers, from January 1 to December 18, 2008 to bring you our Most Read list based on Page Views—each time a user visits a web page; and Unique Page Views—number of different visitors that a website receives within a given time period.

Without further ado, here's our Top 100 stories for 2008:

1. (UPDATED) Young actor Marky Cielo, 20, dies

Page Views: 108,711 / Unique Page Views: 97,763

2. Confirmed: Dingdong and Karylle breakup; Denied: Marian as third party

Page Views: 108,551 / Unique Page Views: 89,567

3. FIRST READ ON PEP: Marian Rivera airs her side about YouTube video

Page Views: 96,553 / Unique Page Views: 74,767

4. Kris Aquino apologizes for her "pa-star ka!" comment on Charlene Gonzalez

Page Views: 90,919 / Unique Page Views: 82,884

5. A heartbreaking "StarStruck" reunion at Marky Cielo's wake

Page Views: 87,908 / Unique Page Views: 80,415

6. ABS-CBN suspends Cristy Fermin's TV and radio contract

Page Views: 87,846 / Unique Page Views: 72,216

7. Marian Rivera chooses diplomacy in near misunderstanding with Boy Abunda

Page Views: 84,781 / Unique Page Views: 76,433

8. Sunshine Cruz strikes back at Cesar Montano's sister

Page Views: 83,189 / Unique Page Views: 70,360

9. Actor Raymond Bagatsing marries 60-year-old columnist in U.S.

Page Views: 82,729 / Unique Page Views: 75,715

10.FIRST READ ON PEP: Karylle's reported transfer to ABS-CBN confirmed

Page Views: 80,254 / Unique Page Views: 70,916

11.FIRST READ ON PEP: Gretchen Barretto strikes again

Page Views: 80,150 / Unique Page Views: 73,689

12. FIRST READ ON PEP: Angel Locsin's camp speaks up about rift with Claudine Barretto

Page Views: 77,021 / Unique Page Views: 68,120

13. Karylle on ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes: "He said he never cheated on me and I trusted him."


Page Views: 76,909 / Unique Page Views: 69,100

14. Sharon Cuneta and Annabelle Rama very vocal about disappointment with GMA-7

Page Views: 75,412 / Unique Pages View: 65,797

15. Angel Locsin fans question FHM's 100 Sexiest Women tally

Page Views: 74,921 / Unique Page Views: 59,732

16. FIRST READ ON PEP: Gretchen Barretto defends sister Claudine on reported confrontation with Angel Locsin

Page Views: 73,284 / Unique Page Views: 63,593

17. Ogie Diaz denies Sharon Cuneta had him axed from "Umagang Kay Ganda"

Page Views: 73,118 / Unique Page Views: 66,671

18. PEP sources say Richard Gutierrez-Aljur Abrenica confrontation really happened

Pages View: 71,076 / Unique Page Views: 60,488

19. Angel Locsin finally dares to bare in "Cosmopolitan"

Page Views: 69,210 / Unique Page Views: 57,165

20. Ricky Lo tells what he knows about the Dingdong-Karylle breakup

Page Views: 66,554 / Unique Page Views: 61,586

21. Karylle comments on rumored split with Dingdong Dantes

Page Views: 66,229 / Unique Page Views: 57,629

22. PEP EXCLUSIVE Jewel Mische: "Yes, it is true. Bubbles Paraiso did it. Siniko po ako sa ulo."

Page Views: 65,819 / Unique Page Views: 55,901

23. Marky Cielo spent his last night playing online video game

Page Views: 62,900 / Unique Page Views: 57,483

24. Marian Rivera still mum about rumored relationship with Dingdong Dantes

Page Views: 62,822 / Unique Page Views: 55,454

25. Dingdong Dantes wants time off from personal questions after confirming breakup with Karylle

Page Views: 62,761 / Unique Page Views: 51,294

26. PART I: Two celebrities witness "pepper-spray incident"

Page Views: 61,143 / Unique Page Views: 54,812

27. Is the Gretchen Barretto-Dody Puno romance really over?

Page Views: 59,585 / Unique Page Views: 54,966

28. PEP EXCLUSIVE: Richard Gutierrez refutes report about confrontation with Aljur Abrenica

Page Views: 58,799 / Unique Page Views: 50,619

29. Diether Ocampo reportedly transferring to GMA-7

Page Views: 57,798 / Unique Page Views: 52,727

30. FIRST READ ON PEP: Ogie Alcasid thanks Michelle's "new man" at his concert


Page Views: 57,318 / Unique Page Views: 52,407

31. Boy Abunda tells what really happened in the "credit card incident"

Page Views: 56,604 / Unique Page Views: 52,154

32. Angelika dela Cruz reveals she is already married and three-months pregnant

Page Views: 56,108 / Unique Page Views: 51,964

33. Liezl Martinez reportedly in serious health condition

Page Views: 55,786 / Unique Page Views: 51,564

34. Sharon Cuneta: "I'm burned out of intriga."

Page Views: 55,247 / Unique Page Views: 48,764

35. Regine Velasquez breaks her silence about "lipatan" issue

Page Views: 55,070 / Unique Page Views: 48,516

36. Action superstar Rudy Fernandez succumbs to cancer

Page Views: 54,859 / Unique Page Views: 47,791

37. Dingdong Dantes explains "piggyback photo" with Marian Rivera

Page Views: 54,726 / Unique Page Views: 47,976

38. TV Ratings (Jan. 29-31): GMA-7 primetime lineup too strong for ABS-CBN's new shows

Page Views: 54,719 / Unique Page Views: 43,249

39. Cristy Fermin hits back at Nadia Montenegro

Page Views: 54,348 / Unique Page Views: 50,427

40. TV Ratings (Feb. 1 to 3): "StarTalk" regains strength while "Till I Met You" barges its way to the top

Page Views: 54,289 / Unique Page Views: 39,453

41. Criselda Volks on sex-video scandal: "Kami 'yon ng boyfriend ko."

Page Views: 54,257 / Unique Page Views: 49,384

42. Tears flowed at Inah Revilla-Vince del Rosario wedding

Page Views: 54,214 / Unique Page Views: 49,408

43. Cristy Fermin speaks up about her suspension from ABS-CBN

Page Views: 54,016 / Unique Page Views: 46,626

44. FIRST READ ON PEP Aljur Abrenica on Richard Gutierrez: "Hindi po totoo ang lahat ng sinabi niya."

Page Views: 53,648 / Unique Page Views: 46,738

45. FIRST READ ON PEP: Judy Ann Santos rejects ABS-CBN's multi-million offer to promote "Ploning"

Page Views: 53,451 / Unique Page Views: 46,528

46. "Eat Bulaga's" latest comedy skit mentions the word 'aswang' anew

Page Views: 52,874 / Unique Page Views: 46,059


47. Goodbye, Daboy

Page Views: 52,640 / Unique Page Views: 45,665

48. PEP EXCLUSIVE: Kris Aquino reveals where most of her endorsement fees this year went

Page Views: 52,594 / Unique Page Views: 49,320

49. Jericho Rosales shocked by news that Heart Evangelista broke up with him

Page Views: 52,331 / Unique Page Views: 47,562

50. Gretchen Barretto and Tonyboy Cojuangco: Headed for splitsville?

Page Views: 52,154 / Unique Page Views: 47,118

51. Sheryl Cruz and husband Norman Bustos file for divorce

Page Views: 51,757 / Unique Page Views: 47,086

52. 18-year-old Inah Revilla to wed childhood sweetheart on May 28

Page Views: 51,279 / Unique Page Views: 47,423

53. "YES!" lists down the Top 20 Celebrity Endorsers

Page Views: 50,942 / Unique Page Views: 45,998

54. Talent manager- columnist Alfie Lorenzo fires back at Star Magic

Page Views: 50,526 / Unique Page Views: 44,661

55. Anne Curtis finally confesses how she and Sam Milby broke up

Page Views: 50,328 / Unique Page Views: 46,931

56. Marian Rivera's manager defends his ward against "buntis issue"

Page Views: 50,267 / Unique Page Views: 43,707

57. FIRST READ ON PEP: Eugene Domingo pulled out from two Regal movies

Page Views: 50,056 / Unique Page Views: 46,972

58. Annabelle Rama accuses GMA-7 exec Wilma Galvante of being too personal against son Richard Gutierrez

Page Views: 50,027 / Unique Page Views: 42,178

59. KC Concepcion comments on rumored rift between her parents

Page Views: 49,796 / Unique Page Views: 45,509

60. FIRST READ ON PEP: Gretchen Barretto faces new "kisscandal"

Page Views: 49,706 / Unique Page Views: 46,448

61. Marian Rivera issues official statement against talk that she caused Dingdong-Karylle breakup

Page Views: 49,462 / Unique Page Views: 40,626

62. PEP EXCLUSIVE: Marian Rivera: "Matagal na akong jologs!"

Page Views: 49,091 / Unique Page Views: 41,609

63. FIRST READ ON PEP: All is well between Alfie Lorenzo and his superstar talent Judy Ann Santos


Page Views: 49,045 / Unique Page Views: 42,343

64. Lolit Solis confirms ABS-CBN offer to Lorna Tolentino

Page Views: 49,024 / Unique Page Views: 44,883

65. KC Concepcion's sexy pictorial for Bayo has Sharon Cuneta's approval

Page Views: 49,020 / Unique Page Views: 44,452

66. Willie Revillame admits drafting his "last will and testament"

Page Views: 48,638 / Unique Page Views: 45,895

67. Karylle just smiled when asked if Marian Rivera is pregnant

Page Views: 48,440 / Unique Page Views: 43,266

68. Marian Rivera is FHM's sexiest Pinay!

Page Views: 48,371 / Unique Page Views: 37,522

69. FIRST READ ON PEP: Marian Rivera offended by Karylle's "smile"

Page Views: 48,141 / Unique Page Views: 37,656

70. Glaiza de Castro had a dream about Marky Cielo before he passed away

Page Views: 48,084 / Unique Page Views: 44,282

71. Heart Evangelista: "Yes, I think I am in love!"

Page Views: 47,946 / Unique Page Views: 45,176

72. PEP EXCLUSIVE: Gabby Concepcion on ex-wife Sharon Cuneta: "Friends na kami."

Page Views: 47,790 / Unique Page Views: 43,050

73. Tonyboy Cojuangco did not kick out Gretchen Barretto - PEP sources

Page Views: 47,171 / Unique Page Views: 43,628

74. Alfie Lorenzo: "Hindi naman ako pulubi nang madampot ni Juday. Siya ang pulubi nang madampot ko."

Page Views: 47,089 / Unique Page Views: 42,544

75. Gabby Concepcion's father dies

Page Views: 46,993 / Unique Page Views: 41,675

76. FIRST READ ON PEP: Buzz about Richard Gutierrez's transfer to ABS-CBN gets louder

Page Views: 46,965 / Unique Page Views: 41,107

77. Vina Morales is two months pregnant

Page Views: 46,914 / Unique Page Views: 43,261

78. Richard Gutierrez resigns from "SOP"

Page Views: 46,779 / Unique Page Views: 42,492

79. PEP EXCLUSIVE: Cheska Garcia will not invite Jennylyn Mercado to her wedding

Page Views: 46,775 / Unique Page Views: 43,275

80. Jay-R admits Geneva Cruz is now staying at his house

Page Views: 46,743 / Unique Page Views: 44,761


81. TV Ratings (June 11-12): Millions of Filipinos watched Daboy's burial on TV

Page Views: 45,923 / Unique Page Views: 38,900

82. Marian Rivera insists she has no romantic relationship with Dingdong Dantes

Page Views: 45,829 / Unique Page Views: 36,683

83. Yilmaz Bektas reportedly dating 2006 Miss Universe Zuleyka Mendoza

Page Views: 45,667 / Unique Page Views: 41,530

84. FIRST READ ON PEP: Marian Rivera reveals breakup with Ervic Vijandre, denies rumored romance with Dingdong Dantes

Page Views: 45,504 / Unique Page Views: 40,162

85. FIRST READ ON PEP: Kris Aquino returns to "The Buzz" as co-host

Page Views: 44,865 / Unique Page Views: 42,135

86. Kristine Hermosa admits feeling "awkward" about report of Oyo Sotto being seen with a socialite

Page Views: 44,665 / Unique Page Views: 41,563

87. Seven hotels reportedly closed their doors to Gretchen Barretto

Page Views: 44,468 / Unique Page Views: 41,004

88. Jennylyn Mercado will not allow Patrick Garcia to see their son

Page Views: 44,424 / Unique Page Views: 40,876

89. TV Ratings (July 14): "Codename: Asero" and "Iisa Pa Lamang" open with a bang!

Page Views: 44,376 / Unique Page Views: 37,350

90. Philippine Entertainment Portal | News |

Page Views: 44,265 / Unique Page Views: 34,010

91. ABS-CBN confirms report that newscaster Ces Drilon and two cameramen are missing in Sulu

Page Views: 44,236 / Unique Page Views: 39,915

92. Surprises and upsets highlight Binibining Pilipinas 2008

Page Views: 44,122 / Unique Page Views: 40,028

93. Dingdong Dantes piggybacks injured Marian Rivera down slippery steps

Page Views: 44,015 / Unique Page Views: 38,905

94. Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo confirm their engagement in "YES!"

Page Views: 43,821 / Unique Page Views: 40,366

95. Heart Evangelista confirms breakup with Jericho; excited to work with Richard

Page Views: 43,722 / Unique Page Views: 39,321

96. YES! list of Top 20 celebrity endorsers stirs protest among Angel Locsin's fans


Page Views: 43,713 / Unique Page Views: 36,723

97. Dennis Trillo confirms breakup with Cristine Reyes

Page Views: 43,118 / Unique Page Views: 40,048

98. Claudine Barretto charged with libel and perjury by former assistant

Page Views: 43,098 / Unique Page Views: 39,716

99. Part II: Patricia Panlilio's camp denies involvement in "pepper-spray incident"

Page Views: 43,059 / Unique Page Views: 40,427

100. Willie Revillame fires back at Joey de Leon's "mukhang aswang" skit on Pokwang

Page Views: 42,905 / Unique Page Views: 38,288





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