Andi Eigenmann addresses Jake Ejercito as Ellie's "daddy" for the first time

IMAGE @andieigengirl / @unoemilio Instagram

"And always know how loved you are. Not only by me and your daddy, but by so many. You are my greatest blessing," wrote Andi Eigenmann in her November 24 Instagram post, alluding to her daughter Ellie's biological father, Jake Ejercito. 

Andi Eigenmann took to Instagram to recognize the constant presence of Jake Ejercito in the life of their five-year-old daughter, Ellie.

This is in relation to Andi’s birthday message to Ellie, who celebrated her fifth birthday yesterday, November 23.

While she didn’t mention Jake’s name in her post, Andi's Instagram followers took note of how she indirectly acknowledged Ellie's "daddy."

Andi’s message to Ellie partly read: “And always know how loved you are. Not only by me and your daddy, but by so many. You are my greatest blessing.”

At the height of the controversial news about Jake being identified as the biological father of Ellie, it can be recalled that Andi was still firm about not naming her baby's daddy.

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In her September 29 official statement, Andi maintained that she doesn’t want to talk about her daughter’s paternity “in order to protect the privacy of Ellie.”

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The Kapamilya actress echoed the same sentiments in her October 5 Instagram post, saying she has “nothing to explain” to people who does not know the story of her life.

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Meanwhile, Jake has been consistently spending quality time with Ellie.

Last November 1, he even proudly posted photos of Ellie's bonding time with his parents, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and former actress Laarni Enriquez.

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In his Instagram post yesterday, November 23, Jake wrote a birthday message to Ellie that read:

“The ride isn’t always gonna be as smooth as we’d want it to be, but just hold tight. Daddy’s got you. Happy 5th, my princess!”






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